Sugino Maho

1. In nursery school, I lost a lot of a baby's hair when my swimming pool took a photo for the first time and opened its eyes.

2. I think Kagawa is important. Kagawa is need for the filtration plant's everyday life. For example, from the aspect of filtration plant, it is said Kagawa is not Tokyo Water, but now, people said Kagawa is good. Cleaned Kagawa is used in our filtration plant's everything.

3. I think drinking cooking water is very important. I have cooking water's favorite brand.
4. A Ghost of the Pond, of not only water, but also cloudy water image ghosts. And, proliferation of mosquito ghosts.
Ocean Biotic Habitats of Ghosts
Ocean nearly a factory of ghosts.
It contaminated a reminder of wells.

5. Somebody did not drown about a dream or a nightmare. I am not water, but I am often a sleeping bathtub in winter, I think I will almost drown in somebody some day.

6. A human’s 60% is made up of approximately a water body, so we need life to 60%.
60% have poetic holy body image. Also, meaning has a floating of water.